Writing Credits

2018 – Apocalyptic science fiction “Heart Emoji at the End of the World” won first place in the On the Premises Magazine contest. You can read it free here.

2018 – Cli-fi fantasy “The Sea-Maker of Darmid Bay” accepted by Interzone Magazine.

2018 – Military sci fi story “Hashtag WhiteWitch” is out in Issue 14 of Dimension 6

2018 – “Memories of Fish” nominated in the short fiction category of the Norma K Hemming awards.

2018 – “Island Green” nominated in the best novella category of the Ditmar awards.

2018 – “Island Green” nominated in the best novella category of the Aurealis awards.

2017 – Military science fiction story “Hashtag WhiteWitch” accepted by Dimension 6 Magazine for publication in July 2018.

2017 – “Memories of Fish” is on the Nebula Suggest Reading list.

2017 – Science fiction story “Memories of Fish” accepted by Interzone Magazine.

Author note: this is the same story as the 2015 sale. The magazine that previously bought this story decided to close its fiction department before this story was ever published, making the Interzone sale an original publication.

2017 – Chinese language rights to “On Darwin Tides” acquired by FAA.

2017 – Science fiction story “Island Green” accepted by Ticonderoga Publishing for the upcoming “Ecopunk” anthology.

2016-17 – My dark YA story “No-one Here is Going to Save You” from Fablecroft’s “In Your Face” anthology has been nominated in the YA short story category of the 2016 Aurealis Awards.

2016 – Flash fiction horror story “Blood Lilies” accepted for the Best Of Midnight Echo anthology: Dead of Night by the Australian Horror Writers Association.

2016 – Flash fiction horror story “The Laugh Contagious” accepted for volume one of the “Let Us In” trilogy by Time Alone Press (project later pulled by publisher).

2016 – Science-fiction short story “On Darwin Tides” is a finalist in the Arizona State University Climate Fiction Short Story Contest and will be published in an upcoming anthology.

2016 – Flash Fiction piece “Photo of a Tiger” accepted by The Worcester Journal. You can read it here.

2016 – Military science-fiction novella “#WhiteBitch” accepted into the “Last Outpost” anthology.

2016 – Horror story “No-one Here is Going to Save You” accepted by Fablecroft Publishing for the upcoming “In Your Face” anthology.

2016 – Science-fiction short story “Couch, With a Labrador” accepted by Sci Phi Journal. You can read it here.

2015 – Science-fiction short story “Memories of Fish” accepted for upcoming edition of Cosmos Magazine.

2015 – Science-fiction short story “To Look Upon a Dream Tiger” accepted for upcoming  “The Never Never Land” anthology by CSFG Publications.

2014/2015 – judge for 2014 Aurealis Awards – science fiction short story category.

2014 – Horror short story “Heroes Burial” short-listed for Midnight Echo 11.

2014 – Science-fiction short story “In The Future There Will Be Birds” published by Cosmos Magazine. You can read it here.

2013 – Science-fiction short story “Beneath the Surface of Two Kills” placed second in the third round of Writers of the Future. As a result of this, I was flown to LA for a week of workshops and masterclasses with some of the absolute greats of modern science fiction and fantasy writing. To say it was a dream come true is an understatement!

To see me receive my award at Writer’s of the Future and the fantastic award ceremony I attended, visit Writers of the Future. I highly recommend the competition for anyone serious about making a living from speculative fiction writing. I appear around 2:15 for anyone especially interested in my part.

2013 – Science-fiction short story “The Dream Tracker” published in the “Next” anthology by CSFG Publications.

2012 – Flash fiction horror story “Blood Lilies” won the Flash Fiction competition held by the Australian Horror Writers Association.

2012 – “Blood Lilies” published in “Midnight Echo 8” (magazine of AHWA).

2012 – Flash fiction post-apocalypse story “You and Me, The Sand and Sea” came runner-up in the Conflux 8 short story competition.

2012 – Short story about a Foot-And-Mouth outbreak in Australia called “The Plague Most Feared” came runner up in the “Australian Security Nightmares” writing competition run by the Australian Security Research Council.


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