The Fuzzy Lolly Theory of Story Creation.

A thought from Conflux 12 (courtesy of Sean Williams):

A single good idea is not enough for a story. You need to let it sit and then, like a lolly left under the bed, it gathers concepts like fuzz. Eventually, that fuzz reaches critical mass and things begin to grow out of the lint and dustbunnies – ideas link up, worlds and characters appear and a narrative forms and that is the start of Story.




Illustration Friday – Nose

This is my first go doing an Illustration Friday entry. Basically, every week Illustration Friday provides artists with a topic that they have one week to illustrate and submit. The topic this week was NOSE.


Internal Drawing for Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 61


This is the interior artwork I created for Kimberly Gaal’s story: “In Sheep’s Clothing” appearing in the upcoming edition of Hugo-nominated magazine: Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, volume 61.

The story initially hinted at a Pokemon-style magical animal smackdown and I almost drew this picture in an anime style, but the ancient temple element in the story and the mention of past battles carved into the stonework of the walls and columns caused me to reimagine my design as a story-stone of the kind that might appear on a mythical temple.


Art Underground April Edition.

Here are the pictures I drew during Art Underground’s one year anniversary on April 10th! A marvellous night with a packed house and the most wonderful music and art. The headline act was the incredible Mahesh from Tapestries of Sound whose voice is so rich and beautiful it teleports your mind to another world. He plays a drone instrument called the tanpura. The feature artist, Brent Joly, from Canberra, exhibited his gorgeous artwork.

artundergroundapril7 artundergroundapril9

artundergroundapril8As always, the lovely Lauren Harvey and Arrin Chapman kept everything running smoothly.


artundergroundapril4An image inspired by Arrin’s poem in which a young man chasing his labrador puppy through a mall is offered potpourri in a miniature pillow which he doesn’t actually want. Because, you know … poetry. 🙂

artundergroundapril6Another image inspired by a line from one of the poems. “A blind boy sings of green fields he will never see.”


People in the crowd and on stage.