Conflux 13 Header Art

This is the art for the Conflux 13 convention that I was commissioned to do on the theme of Grimm Tales (read, dark fairy tales and fairy tale reimaginings). If you head over to the Conflux page, you can see it at work and even buy your membership to the con if you are a spec fic person looking for a fab trip to Canberra (alternatively, you can click on the pic and it comes up full size).

For this art commission, I tried a technique I haven’t used before: this one was all drawn on black cardboard (with lots of ruler measurements to keep the symmetry) and the parts not meant to be black were cut out and the rest just scanned onto the computer. I think the incising made the blacks nice and sharp and gave the work a neat dark feel that I felt was appropriate for this particular project. I used Photoshop to fill in the rest of the colours and viola. The cool thing about this was that it was only about 14 hours of work from concept to completion and so I was able to knock it off while listening to audiobooks – all in all, a productive and happy art day.

I’m pretty proud that my artwork gets to play a part in a spec fic convention whose guests of honour are Ellen Datlow (squee!) and Angela Slatter (also squee!). Can’t wait to catch up with everyone at the con.

This artwork complements the art I’ve designed for the Conflux 13 convention cover (my usual ink drawn style):

Hope you like it.






Rats on the Brain


This is a sketch of a hooded rat that I drew after work last night.

The top picture is the raw pencil-work. For all their commonplace simplicity, I love the handling of basic lead pencils the most. They render fur and shadow marvelously.

The bottom image is the same picture scanned and coloured digitally.

rat-inyourface-colourIf you like my work, feel free to check out my portfolio on Flickr.

New Cover Art – Available For Purchase

I mocked this up as a cover idea for a feminist piece. If anyone is writing a book on modern feminism and thinks it would suit, I am happy to sell the artwork (to date it has not appeared anywhere else but this post).

The piece is CMYK and available in 300dpi form and I can add in the titles and acknowledgements and author name/s as needed.



Cover Art for Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 61

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine is a Hugo-nominated semi-prozine from Australia. I was fortunate enough to get the chance to do the cover art for the latest edition (volume 61). It is a scene from the fabulously dark and different, Chinese-influenced novella by AJ Fitzwater called Long’s Confandabulous Clockwork Circus and Carnival, and Cats of Many Persuasions.

I’ll put up another post when the volume becomes available for order. The AJ Fitzwater story is really well-done and deserving of a wide audience, as is the hilarious story, In Sheep’s Clothing, by Kimberly Gaal, which I did an interior piece for (you can check that out here). There are also many other well-known and regarded authors in this edition, including: Sean Williams, Charlotte Nash and Kathleen Jennings. Definitely worth checking out if you like science fiction and fantasy.



Long’s Confandabulous Clockwork Circus and Carnival, and Cats of Many Persuasions.

Art Underground April Edition.

Here are the pictures I drew during Art Underground’s one year anniversary on April 10th! A marvellous night with a packed house and the most wonderful music and art. The headline act was the incredible Mahesh from Tapestries of Sound whose voice is so rich and beautiful it teleports your mind to another world. He plays a drone instrument called the tanpura. The feature artist, Brent Joly, from Canberra, exhibited his gorgeous artwork.

artundergroundapril7 artundergroundapril9

artundergroundapril8As always, the lovely Lauren Harvey and Arrin Chapman kept everything running smoothly.


artundergroundapril4An image inspired by Arrin’s poem in which a young man chasing his labrador puppy through a mall is offered potpourri in a miniature pillow which he doesn’t actually want. Because, you know … poetry. 🙂

artundergroundapril6Another image inspired by a line from one of the poems. “A blind boy sings of green fields he will never see.”


People in the crowd and on stage.