New Milestone – Interzone Magazine

I’m thrilled to announce that my story “Memories of Fish” has just been accepted by the awesome folks at TTA Press and will appear in the next volume of Interzone Magazine. It is a story of virtual reality tourism in a dangerous, climate-change-afflicted future Earth.

I have wanted to publish with Interzone ever since I started writing sci fi, so this is a huge milestone.

I really hope you like the story when it comes out.


A little stream near St Columba Falls in Tasmania. This is why I write.

New Artwork!

I was fortunate to be commissioned to create website headers for the Noted Festival in Canberra in May. Here are the images.

CABINET OF CURIOSITIES – which is about tools writers use.




I went minimalist with the colouring on these to keep the images bold and eye-catching. Hope you like them.

Shauna O’Meara

Ecopunk! by Ticonderoga – an anthology of positive science futures.

I’m thrilled to announce that my story Island Green is going to appear this year in Ticonderoga Publications’ Ecopunk! anthology, edited by the amazing Liz Grzyb and Cat Sparks.

I am especially pleased to be in this antho because it is an anthology of positive science futures and possible solutions to disaster-proofing our world, which I feel, at its core, to be the true role of science fiction. Not just what-if disasters and the harm of technology as seen in so many sci fi and cli-fi scenarios, but how we can make things better or at least fix what we are on the verge of wrecking.

Russell Falls in Mount Field National Park – Tasmania.

Conflux 13 Header Art

This is the art for the Conflux 13 convention that I was commissioned to do on the theme of Grimm Tales (read, dark fairy tales and fairy tale reimaginings). If you head over to the Conflux page, you can see it at work and even buy your membership to the con if you are a spec fic person looking for a fab trip to Canberra (alternatively, you can click on the pic and it comes up full size).

For this art commission, I tried a technique I haven’t used before: this one was all drawn on black cardboard (with lots of ruler measurements to keep the symmetry) and the parts not meant to be black were cut out and the rest just scanned onto the computer. I think the incising made the blacks nice and sharp and gave the work a neat dark feel that I felt was appropriate for this particular project. I used Photoshop to fill in the rest of the colours and viola. The cool thing about this was that it was only about 14 hours of work from concept to completion and so I was able to knock it off while listening to audiobooks – all in all, a productive and happy art day.

I’m pretty proud that my artwork gets to play a part in a spec fic convention whose guests of honour are Ellen Datlow (squee!) and Angela Slatter (also squee!). Can’t wait to catch up with everyone at the con.

This artwork complements the art I’ve designed for the Conflux 13 convention cover (my usual ink drawn style):

Hope you like it.





Aurealis Awards

I’m chuffed to announce that my very dark YA story No One Here is Going to Save You from Fablecroft’s In Your Face anthology has been shortlisted as a finalist in the 2016 Aurealis Awards. Getting an Aurealis nomination has long been on my writer’s journey bucket list so it’s awesome to finally have that one ticked off (I still have some years to go before I get an asteroid or some species of spider named after me, but the rock-face is conquered but one ledge at a time …)

Here is the link.

Thank you, Tehani Croft at Fablecroft, for the chance to get this story out there. It came not from the sparkling wells of inspiration but from a dark corner of experience. And congrats to all the other nominees – you are all awesome writers.



Picture I took of Nelsons Falls in Tasmania, February 2017.




Couch, With a Labrador

My science fiction short story Couch, With a Labrador is finally out over at Sci Phi Journal. It explores the companion-animal, agricultural and ethical implications that might come into play, should we ever devise a way to talk to the animals and hear them in return.

Is it possible to use a creature to your own ends once the language barrier is broken?

The story is part of the magazine subscription line though, so you would have to chip in a couple of bucks to read it. My animal welfare peeps in particular might find it a thought-provoking story.


Lackington’s Magazine Issue 12 Artwork


I was fortunate enough to have the chance to create artwork for Rhonda Eikamp’s story – Zoopoiesis, With Mountains –  in Lackington’s Magazine Issue 12. It is an amazing story and I hope I did it justice. You can pick up an e-copy for $2.99 on the Lackington’s site.