New Artwork!

I was fortunate to be commissioned to create website headers for the Noted Festival in Canberra in May. Here are the images.

CABINET OF CURIOSITIES – which is about tools writers use.




I went minimalist with the colouring on these to keep the images bold and eye-catching. Hope you like them.

Shauna O’Meara

Ecopunk! by Ticonderoga – an anthology of positive science futures.

I’m thrilled to announce that my story Island Green is going to appear this year in Ticonderoga Publications’ Ecopunk! anthology, edited by the amazing Liz Grzyb and Cat Sparks.

I am especially pleased to be in this antho because it is an anthology of positive science futures and possible solutions to disaster-proofing our world, which I feel, at its core, to be the true role of science fiction. Not just what-if disasters and the harm of technology as seen in so many sci fi and cli-fi scenarios, but how we can make things better or at least fix what we are on the verge of wrecking.

Russell Falls in Mount Field National Park – Tasmania.