Cover Art for Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 61

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine is a Hugo-nominated semi-prozine from Australia. I was fortunate enough to get the chance to do the cover art for the latest edition (volume 61). It is a scene from the fabulously dark and different, Chinese-influenced novella by AJ Fitzwater called Long’s Confandabulous Clockwork Circus and Carnival, and Cats of Many Persuasions.

I’ll put up another post when the volume becomes available for order. The AJ Fitzwater story is really well-done and deserving of a wide audience, as is the hilarious story, In Sheep’s Clothing, by Kimberly Gaal, which I did an interior piece for (you can check that out here). There are also many other well-known and regarded authors in this edition, including: Sean Williams, Charlotte Nash and Kathleen Jennings. Definitely worth checking out if you like science fiction and fantasy.



Long’s Confandabulous Clockwork Circus and Carnival, and Cats of Many Persuasions.


A Bit of Fun …

I did these pics on the weekend just gone because I was feeling a bit disconsolate with a writing project I was working on and having a bit of writer’s block (which in this case basically means that I have a pretty good start to a story, but can not for the life of me figure out an ending for love or money). I didn’t want to end the weekend having stared at a screen and achieved nothing, so I drew these to make myself feel better.

Basically, I’ve been watching a lot of Justified and I love drawing dinosaurs and I thought, hey, let’s draw hillbillies on dinosaurs. Because why not …

Both of these feature Dewey Crowe because Damon Herriman who plays the character has interesting features. There’s a third one of Dewey I’m still finishing up and I will probably draw more with other members of the cast in the future because these were fun and, hey, I want to see Boyd Crowder on an allosaurus as much as the next person.

Hope you like them.

Note: to see them enlarged, you can click on them and use the magnify function.


I’ve only depicted Dewey on herbivorous animals because he’s the kind of person to get himself into real trouble with anything that could consume him. If you’ve seen the show, you will know he is really not that bright.

He’s an avid hunter. He would likely still be living a hunting life even if he did have a dinosaur instead of a pick-up and so I’ve drawn him after a session of rabbiting. The netting, floats and lures are there in case he fancies a spot of fishing.

The huge tooth around his neck is a nod to season 1, episode 1 of Justified where Raylan asks him about the alligator teeth hung around his neck and he replies, “I killed her and ate her tail.” I figure, in a dinosaur world, he would have the biggest tooth he could find around his neck, even if it looked stupid. This one is a Carcharodon megalodon tooth.

The bird is a crow because, well, obviously.


Here he is fishing for a coelocanth while hanging from the neck of a brachiosaur. The apples are there in case he catches nothing and also to treat the brachiosaur.

And yes, he is hanging by his leg with a vine of poison ivy.

Internal Drawing for Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 61


This is the interior artwork I created for Kimberly Gaal’s story: “In Sheep’s Clothing” appearing in the upcoming edition of Hugo-nominated magazine: Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, volume 61.

The story initially hinted at a Pokemon-style magical animal smackdown and I almost drew this picture in an anime style, but the ancient temple element in the story and the mention of past battles carved into the stonework of the walls and columns caused me to reimagine my design as a story-stone of the kind that might appear on a mythical temple.