Sketching at Enlighten 2015

I drew this lady at the Enlighten Festival in Canberra, while seated on the lawn of the National Museum waiting for Katie Noonan to perform. A brilliant evening.


This is the drawing as it was done on the lawn in inks.


The coloured version – Photoshop. This is actually what she looked like. Her hair was the most magnificent purple. Her dragon and koi tattoos were black only – I have given the carp some colour to make it stand out a bit better.


This is the pic without the linework. I included it because I like how light and cheerful it seems without the inks.



Art Underground – March Edition.

Here are some of the drawings I did at Art Underground in March. The inking is done using Pitt Pens and each takes about five to ten minutes (done during the person’s performance). The colouring is done using Photoshop and is just quick and basic.


The people who arrive early get chairs. Everyone else gets milk crates covered with colourful cushions. I drew this while waiting for events to kick off.


Lana Woolf was one of our special guests this month. She is a journalist and radio producer and awesome poet and story teller. If you ever get a chance to see her perform live, you won’t be disappointed.


My friend Valerie performed her first poetry slam in ages at the open mic session. She did a rockin’ job with two excellent pieces.