The Amazing Writers of the Future Rooms at Author Services

On our first official day of lectures at Writers of the Future, the contest winners were treated to a tour of the Author Services building. I was so impressed with the aesthetics of the place, I decided to dedicate a pictorial post to it.

The entire building is lined with beautifully crafted wooden panels and bookshelves containing posters of L Ron Hubbard’s fiction, as well as his novels, awards and memorial plaques. The floor is crafted in exquisite parquetry and the ceiling lights are wide and square, giving off a soft, creamy glow.

day-6-wotf87There is also an entire museum dedicated to the achievements of previous winners of Writers and Illustrators of the Future, as well as the judges and tutors of the contest. It’s very cool to think that I am now considered a graduating alumnus of such prestigious company and that, one day, novels and New York Times Bestseller lists bearing my name might also be added to this room for future winners to view and be inspired by.


The main foyer of level four of Author Services where we were greeted on day 1:

Day-3---workshops20  Day-3---workshops21




If you pass through a wide doorway to the right of the couches you enter …



The room where our Writers of the Future lectures were held.

This room is entirely lined with bookshelves containing L Ron Hubbard books, essays and memorabilia as well as artwork, trophies and sculptures.






The back wall contains more bookshelves and also a striking paper sculpture:





The museum dedicated to the works and successes of previous winners of Writers and Illustrators of the Future, as well as past and present judges and tutors of the competition.

The view from the doorway:


Is that not the best coffee table ever?



The first wall you encounter (just inside the doorway) is an honorary wall with photos of past and present Writers of the Future judges; New York Times Bestseller lists containing past winners whose works have made the grade and editions of every past Writers of the Future anthology including a spiral-bound edition of the very first Writers of the Future anthology!








On the other wall adjacent the door are numerous photos of the first place (Golden Pen and Golden Brush) winners accepting their Writers and Illustrators of the Future awards.



Joni proudly showing us the photos.


Opposite the wall of photos were three alcoves lined with book shelves. These contained the books written by past Writers and Illustrators of the Future winners as well as those by  Writers of the Future judges and previous winners who became judges.



The little plaque above this bookshelf says “Contest Winners”


Winners who are now judges:


In addition to bookshelves, one of the alcoves contained time capsules. In these, past winners of Writers and Illustrators of the Future have placed their predictions of what the world will be like in several decades. My group had to address what Mars would be like 20 years from now. It will be opened on the 50th year of Writers of the Future. Amazing!!!


Another alcove contained the Writers and Illustrators of the Future trophies:


Seeing this room and the quality and success of the writers and illustrators whose illustrious company I’ve now entered with this competition really brought home to me just what a huge deal winning Writers of the Future is. I highly recommend the competition to anyone looking to seriously make it in the world of fantasy and science fiction writing. If nothing else, I had a really really great week!


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